A yearlong training for conscious women who choose to support the strong, benevolent masculine in relationship

  • Why birth your man?

    A boy is birthed by his mother on the day he is born. A man is born on the day he commits fully to something greater than himself. Almost everything a man seeks or does is motivated by his longing for the feminine. As women we therefore hold much power. Do we inspire greatness and potency in our beloveds or do we emasculate them to alleviate our own fears?


    Even if we choose to accept the challenge to birth the god, do we know how to do so without becoming his mother or distorting the balance of being lovers and partners? How can we offer this gift without resentment, obligation or self-sacrifice, whilst ensuring our own needs have sufficient space as well?


    The potent feminine needs the potent masculine to thrive. If either of the polarities in a relationship is weakened, neither will reach their full potential. We live in a world, where both the sacred masculine and feminine are weakened through judgmenent, conditioning and suppression. When no space is created for the benevolent expression of polarity, the more destructive expression will break through, something which creates the world and relationships we witness today.


    This program is dedicated to support women to actualise their full feminine power within themselves and learn how to assist the men in their lives mature into the potent, benevolent masculine kings they were designed to be. This process not only changes a woman and any man lucky enough to be touched by her presence. It has the power to change our relationships and as a result our entire world for the better.


    We offer insight, knowledge, tools, processes, healing, community and support along this wonderful journey of growing, unfolding and discovery. This yearlong program is also the first step towards choosing to "birth men" as a calling, continuing the ancient tradition of the sacred temple priestesses and initiatresses in the modern form of a tantric surrogate as created by Padma Deva.



    Every woman has the deep longing to witness the transformative power of her love on those she cares about most. It's as though we intuitively know that there is something precious we must share and yet the what and how have never been taught to us. This desire therefore often expresses itself in trying to change our partners through force, disapproval or emasculation, which frequently leads to resentment, disappointment and loss of respect and love in relationships.


    A woman needs to instead birth her man through her innate feminine gifts of attraction and inspiration (effortless pull rather than push principle), pleasure, joy and appreciation. To birth a king we need to first step more fully into our own queen nature, embodying the sacred feminine principle through claiming and radiating our positive energy poles: the sacral or belly chakra (life, death, rebirth and emotional fluidity), the heart chakra (Love, nurturing, care, forgiveness and healing) and the third eye (sacred vision, intuition, inner knowing).


    It is when we deepen into our own healed feminine polarity with the support of our sisters and gain clarity of our vision, our boundaries and our sacred role that we can guide others to follow us towards wholeness and authenticity.


    Secondly we need to know what the healed, benevolent, sacred masculine looks like and understand the process of healing and maturation in men as well as our role as supporter, lover, catalyst and initiatress in it.


    Padma Deva has been birthing countless men through the initiatory process of tantric surrogate therapy for over ten years personally, as well as having trained and initiated a number of exceptional women into her beautiful modality and healing lineage.


    You'll therefore learn from an exceptional expert, who has literally birthed hundreds of men from all walks of life for a living and who continues to explore relationships as one of her main paths of personal and spiritual growth and passion.

  • The program

    An unforgettable journey to help you transform yourself and your relationships with men forever...

    Four 3 day (silver and gold program) or 5 day (diamond program) retreats over a year

    Learn, share, transform, receive and practice within a safe and supportive sisterhood of amazing women

    Four seasonal retreats in total throughout a year, teaching you how to become a sacred initiatress of men and a woman of great inner power and beauty. The in person retreats with Padma Deva ground you in your commitment and practice to support the sacred masculine whilst feeding and expanding your inner sacred feminine goddess nature.


    We meet in beautiful, inspiring places around the world to recharge, support each other and inspire you in your journey. In each season we draw on the archetypal allied facet of the feminine reigning at that time.


    Winter (wise woman) - reflection, visioning, healing, dreaming, deep inner work

    Spring (maiden) - self discovery, exploration, innocence, connection with self

    Summer (lover) - the power of pleasure, attraction and the dance of seduction

    Autumn (creatress) - celebration, ripening, birthing and nurturing creations to full estatic manifestation.  

    Monthly group calls with Padma Deva and team and access to a facebook group and buddy system

    Connect, share and witness successes, questions and experiences

    Get or witness coaching and receive additional teachings to allow you to move forward effortlessly and gracefully. This is a space to share successes and struggles and receive support to fully own your power and beauty as an initiatress.


    Ask any questions and receive support and knowledge from your sisters and facilitators.

    Four 1h coaching/ healing/ mentoring sessions (gold and diamond only) with Padma or team

    Receive support, clarity and healing to step fully into your radiance

    Group coaching is incredibly helpful and yet it does not substitute for the need for individual work. The amount of attention to your unique situation, issues and objectives you can receive in one-on-one work is simply not achievable in another format.


    We offer, depending on your situation, needs and desires a combination of coaching, counselling, beliefwork, healing, ritual or mentoring, drawing on our vast body of knowledge and experience in this field.


    Sessions are typically arranged via skype, but in person sessions can be arranged around the retreats especially for healing, ritual or bodywork.

    Pricing, location and dates

    Invest into the future of wonderful relationships with yourself and the men in your lives

    We offer three price points for this lifechanging journey:


    Our silver program is the most affordable option as it is distance only. It can therefore be attented by any woman, anywhere in the world. You incur no travel or accomodation costs and its easy to fit this vital program even around the busiest lifestyle. It is heavily discounted to help make this crucial knowledge as easily and widely accessible as possible. All of Padma's teachings and exercises during the 3 day retreats will be filmed, edited and made available to you online unless all live participants agree to it being livestreamed. You will have access to the facebook group to connect and ask questions as well as to four seasonal group calls with Padma Deva. No individual healing sessions are included in your program, but these can be added as and when you need them at an additional cost.


    The silver program is priced at £1500 with an earlybird price of £999 if paid for in full by January 31st 2020. This includes all recorded teaching sessions, recordings of the monthly calls and access to the facebook group. We will put you in touch with other silver program members so you could potentially meet up and watch the training together and thus participate in all partner exercises from the privacy of your home if you live close enough to each other.

    Because this journey is so much more powerful with the support of loving, committed sisters, we also offer a special price for two or more friends, who sign up together to the program.

    Two friends together: Early bird option £1700 (£850 each) or regular/after January 31st: £2500 (£1250 each)

    This is our most affordable option to gain this knowledge, designed to create supportive communities, which can seed a new way of relating worldwide.

    If you have an entire women's group interested and/ or would like to promote our work in exchange for reduced tuition, please contact us.


    Our gold program is the recommended option for most women, especially if you want the in person support of wonderful women and/or if you like to learn, laugh and grow experientially in groups.You are responsible for your own flights/ travel to the venue as well as the cost of accomodation and food. Plan between £75-£100 per day for most venues for food/ accommodation with some cheaper options available.


    This comprehensive program is priced at £3000 with an earlybird price of £1999 if paid for in full by January 31st 2020. This price includes all fees for tuition during the four 3 day seasonal retreats, Participation in and recording of all group calls with Padma Deva, four individual hour-long therapy/ mentoring sessions with one of Padma's team, access to the facebook group and a wonderful graduation ceremony and celebration on your final module of the program. Flights, transfers, food and accomodation costs are not included and are payable directly to the venue/ provider.


    Selected graduates of the gold program are eligible to continue their training, if desired, as a professional tantric surrogate partner with Padma Deva. You also receive access to preferential rates for coaching and sessions with Padma directly.


    Our diamond program is the most comprehensive and powerful of our options, offering you the most potent, transformative and bespoke training with us.


    Members of the diamond program are invited to attend an extra day before and an extra day after each seasonal retreat (giving you an extra 8 days with Padma and her team). During the extra day before the retreat, Padma will share additional, related and very powerful processes, which will help you to go deeper and expand your skills and knowledge much faster, putting you into a prime state to learn, unfold and grow. The extra day after the retreat is typically devoted to integration, mastermind time, healing and sessions, offering you extra support to integrate what you have learnt into your life and address any issues immediately.


    All of your four included sessions will be with Padma Deva herself (in person or via skype) and you have the option to book additional sessions at a greatly reduced price. You will have access to a special VIP mastermind monthly group call (in addition to the regular Q&A call) with Padma and the other members of the diamond program, allowing you to connect with others committed at the highest level, giving you much more personalised attention in a small group to apply your new knowledge to your life and relationships.


    You will also receive first choice of any residential accommodation options if available at the venue for maximum convenience. 


    All graduates of the diamond program are eligible, if desired, to continue their training as a professional tantric surrogate partner with Padma Deva.


    It is priced at £4000 with an earlybird price of £2999 if your deposit reaches us by January 31st 2018. This price includes all fees for tuition during the four 5-day seasonal retreats (including extra days), all group calls plus a dedicated diamond member monthly mastermind with Padma Deva, four hour-long therapy/ mentoring sessions with Padma Deva, the facebook group and a wonderful graduation ceremony/ celebration on your final module of the program. Flights, transfers, food and accomodation costs are not included and are payable directly to the venue/ provider.


    Payment options and installments are available by arrangement. If interested in the gold or diamond program please contact Padma to arrange an informal discussion about your application for the program. The silver program can be booked by anyone without the need to speak to Padma first.


    Dates and Locations 2020 (exact venues and dates tbc):

    Spring 2020 - Greece

    Summer 2020  - Glastonbury, UK

    Autumn 2020 - tbc

    Winter 2020 - tbc


  • Your team of goddesses

    Always on your side, encouraging you to shine brightly...

    Padma Deva Rasamayi

    Creatress of Tantric Surrogate Therapy, Coach, Therapist, Wise woman...

    Padma Deva is one of the world's leading experts on conscious relationships, sexual healing and tantra. Having worked as a tantric surrogate for almost fifteen years, literally birthing men for a living into their potency and shining, you could not wish for a more experienced trainer and ally on your journey.


    Padma's amazing clarity, humour, intuition and loving presence coupled with her vast personal and professional experience in intimate relationships of many kinds, allows her to impart relevant knowledge in a fun, accessisible and practical way.


    For Padma intimate relationships are not only the main focus of her studies and work, but have become the main vehicle of her personal and spiritual growth and development. She is an eternally curious explorer, continuously stretching for the more, sometimes in unusual places. Padma has experienced and learned from various forms of conscious relationships with men and women. She is committed to teaching men and women how to bring out the best in each other, experience true happiness through aligning with pleasure and create fulfilling, conscious and growthful relationships that work.


    Her unique range of experiences leaves Padma Deva very open-minded, non-judgmental and creative in supporting her clients in finding the relationship forms that truly suit them.


    For Padma Deva's tantric surrogate healing work to overcome sexual issues, please visit www.tantricsurrogate.com.


    For tantra groups for women, who wish to explore with other women, please take a look at www.venustantra.com.


    If you would like your male partner to understand and meet your needs better, send him to www.ultimatelovertraining.com, the home of Padma's 3 day workshops for men.


    For more about Padma Deva, her work and sessions, check out www.padmadeva.com

    Tantric Surrogates

    A wonderful team of assistants

    Depending on the group size and make up, Padma invites members of her experienced tantric surrogate team as assistants.


    Bringing out the best in the men we engage with is one of the most crucial aspects of being a surrogate. Each woman does this somewhat differently, true to her own unique essence. Being able to witness some different styles and transmissions can be invaluable in helping you to find your own authentic style of birthing the god in your man.



    If you are ready to become part of the solution, then contact us for a free informal chat about joining us.