• A yearlong training for conscious women who want to support men to step up, grow up and show up for them.


  • Do you want to radically transform your relationships with men?

    If you want to the end the struggle, loneliness, frustration and confusion forever and instead get met as you ve always longed for, you’re in the right place, sister...

    Are you...

    - a conscious woman ready to be met deeply by a man but for some reason you are not?

    - a bit disillusioned about the men you meet, date or are in relationship with. Where is the great soulmate romance you ve been longing for?

    - confused by the mixed messages you receive from men where their words and actions do not match

    - underwhelmed by the effort men make leaving you feeling unseen, unmet, unsupported or taken for granted

    - generally working hard at proving what a great partner you are and finding that men are generally doing less the more you do for them?

    - sensing that so much more happiness, pleasure and intimacy is possible in relationships but unsure how to make this happen?

    Do you want to:

    - feel safe, supported, seen, wanted and cherished by the men in your lives?

    - find or unleash that great, conscious, present man in your life but are tired of just waiting around to be found?

    - really understand how men work, grow and set the value of the women they meet (hint: it has nothing to do with what you do for them)

    - live in true coempowerment with men, ditching self sacrifice forever?

    - become a powerful force of transformation in relationships whilst also getting your deepest needs met

    - learn how to bring the very best out of every man in your life, be it lover, husband, son, brother, friend or boss and be thanked for it?

    If so, you’re ready to start birthing your man...

    Birthing your man is a proven process showing you how to get the men in your lives to step up, grow up and show up for you through understanding what men need to do so. It is a path of feminine empowerment, where through allowing ourselves to receive and enjoy more, we create a space for men to step into their wholeness and king energy. This is not a path of self sacrifice, far from it. By supporting our men the right way, we ourselves reclaim all gifts of the feminine and deepen into our queen archetype as whole, satisfied women.


    Whether you are single and looking or in a relationship, this knowledge puts you in the driver seat. No more waiting for prince charming or nagging your partner to do something he doesn't seem to want to do. Instead, you learn to work with the man you have or meet and test and support him to meet and cherish you in a way as never before. This is about being truly and deeply met by your partner, all whilst having more fun and pleasure in your life. Ready to start birthing your man? If so, join us...

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    Why birth your man?

    A boy is birthed by his mother on the day he is born. A man is born on the day he commits fully to something greater than himself. Almost everything a man seeks or does is motivated by his longing for the feminine. As women we therefore hold much power. Do we inspire greatness and potency in our beloveds or do we emasculate them to alleviate our own fears?


    Even if we choose to accept the challenge to birth the god, do we know how to do so without becoming his mother or distorting the balance of being lovers and partners? How can we offer this gift without resentment, obligation or self-sacrifice, whilst ensuring our own needs have sufficient space as well?


    The potent feminine needs the potent masculine to thrive. If either of the polarities in a relationship is weakened, neither will reach their full potential. We live in a world, where both the sacred masculine and feminine are weakened through judgement, conditioning and suppression. When no space is created for the benevolent expression of polarity, the more destructive expression will break through, something which creates the world and relationships we witness today.


    This program is dedicated to support women to actualise their full feminine power within themselves and learn how to assist the men in their lives mature into the potent, benevolent masculine kings they were designed to be. This process not only changes a woman and any man lucky enough to be touched by her presence. It has the power to change our relationships and as a result our entire world for the better.


    We offer insight, knowledge, tools, processes, healing, community and support along this wonderful journey of growing, unfolding and discovery. This yearlong program is also the first step towards choosing to "birth men" as a calling, continuing the ancient tradition of the sacred temple priestesses and initiatresses in the modern form of a tantric surrogate as created by Padma Deva.


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    Every woman has the deep longing to witness the transformative power of her love on those she cares about most. It's as though we intuitively know that there is something precious we must share and yet the what and how have never been taught to us.


    We can sense the highest potential in the men around us, seeing who they can be clearer then they do. This, when used appropriately can be a huge gift. When done unconsciously or unskilfully, we can get frustrated and disappointed, trying to change our partners through force, disapproval or emasculation, which frequently leads to resentment, disappointment and loss of respect and love in relationships.


    A woman begins to receive more of the attention, love and care she desires, when she leans into her receptive feminine nature. Through a combination of inspiration, attraction and challenge, she effortlessly magnetises a suitable man into his power (pull rather than push principle) as she receives and enjoys what she desires. No self sacrifice required ever again.


    To birth a king we need to first birth ourselves into our own queen nature through reclaiming and growing the 3 gifts of woman:

    Through the cauldron of transformation (2nd chakra), we receive the gift of discernment and know what to nurture and what to let go of. Through our clear requirements we create a space of supportive challenge for the men in our lives that allows them to grow into their potential as we let go of self sacrifice.


    Through the grand alchemist and healer (4th chakra), we receive the gift of the most potent force on the planet, love, which allows us to transform any energy, pain or issue into love. Here we learn to feed ourselves and uplevel our self love, self care and self deservement. This allows us to attract a much higher calibre of people and experiences.


    Through the eye of insight and vision (6th chakra) we receive the gift of clarity. We learn to distinguish between the potential of something (which is limitless) and the actualised potential (what is lived and expressed) so we can choose where we invest wisely and consciously. This allows us to choreograph our lives and relationships as we desire and inspire others to step into their highest potential.


    It is when we deepen into our own healed feminine polarity with the support of our sisters and gain clarity of our vision, our boundaries and our sacred role that we can guide others to follow us towards wholeness and authenticity.


    Secondly we need to know what the healed, benevolent, sacred masculine looks like and understand the process of healing and maturation in men as well as our role as supporter, lover, catalyst and initiatress in it.


    Padma Deva has been birthing countless men through the initiatory process of tantric surrogate therapy for over ten years personally, as well as having trained and initiated a number of exceptional women into her beautiful modality and healing lineage.


    You'll therefore learn from an exceptional expert, who has literally birthed hundreds of men from all walks of life for a living and who continues to explore relationships as one of her main paths of personal and spiritual growth and passion.

  • The yearlong program

    An unforgettable journey to help you transform yourself and your relationships with men forever...

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    BIRTHING YOUR MAN: 4 modules over a year

    Dive deeply into this mystical tradition...

    Learn, share, transform, receive and practice within a safe and supportive sisterhood of amazing women

    Over four magical weekends in 2020, you will:

    - activate and integrate the powers of womb, heart and vision

    - birth yourself as a queen, whole woman and sacred initiatress of kings.

    - understand how and why men grow from boy to man to king

    - master the birthing principles of attraction, inspiration and challenge

    - know how to support men to step up, show up and grow up for you

    ,- enjoy being seen, met and cherished as you deserve by the men in your life.

    - discover the secrets of truly co-empowering relationships

    - connect with a supportive community of likeminded, conscious sisters

    - learn, laugh, celebrate, process, heal, grow, integrate, shine and dive deep

    - much more...


    We meet in beautiful, inspiring places around the world to recharge, support each other and inspire you in your journey. In each season we draw on the archetypal allied facet of the feminine reigning at that time. We connect with sacred sites and ancient rituals and learn many practical tools as we discover how to birth men and bring out the best in them.



    1) The womb (cauldron of transformation) - we receive the gift of discernment and hone our gift of challenging a man into his wholeness. We learn to intend and birth our desires. We connect with the potency and beauty of our emotions and get clear on our boundaries and requirements to let go of what no longer serves.


    2) The heart (grand alchemist & healer) - we receive the gift of transformation, freedom and abundance, learning how to receive whatever we need whilst honing our gift of attracting men towards caring action. We connect with the true power of our heart and love and increase our self love and self deservement to allow what we desire into our lives.  


    3) The third eye (palace of insight and vision) - we receive the gift of clarity and hone our gift of inspiring a man towards growth. We connect with our inner knowing and learn to make conscious decisions that serve us and the greater good so we can create at the highest level of integrity and beauty.


    4) From queen to goddess (celebration and integration) - whilst in the previous three modules we have assembled our queen selves fully, here we now further expand. Having learnt how to nurture yourself and choreograph your life and relationships to support you, now you are ready to reach for the stars.


    To make this life-changing knowledge available to as many women as possible, we offer several program levels at different investment points: Silver, Gold and Diamond.

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    The Silver Program (distance only)

    Our most affordable program option for those with limited funds or who live too far away to join us in person.

    Our silver program is the most affordable option as it is distance only. It can therefore be attented by any woman, anywhere in the world. You incur no travel or accomodation costs and its easy to fit this vital program even around the busiest lifestyle. It is heavily discounted to help make this crucial knowledge as easily and widely accessible as possible.


    It includes:

    - video recordings of all of Padma's teachings and exercises of the weekend

    - a private facebook group to ask questions and connect with other participants.

    - recordings of the q&a and coaching calls (listen only)



    The silver program is priced at £1500.


    We will put you in touch with other silver program members so you could potentially meet up and watch the training together and thus participate in all partner exercises from the privacy of your home.


    Because this journey is so much more powerful with the support of loving, committed sisters, we also offer a special price for two or more friends, who sign up together to the program.


    Two or more friends together: £2000 (£1000 each)

    This is our most affordable option to gain this knowledge, designed to create supportive communities, which can seed a new way of relating worldwide.

    If you have an entire women's group interested and/ or would like to promote our work in exchange for reduced tuition, please contact us.

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    Gold Program (our standard in person program)

    Our recommended program for women who want to dive deeply into these teachings with ongoing support and community

    Our gold program is the recommended option for most women. The regular in person meetings and personal connections offer the holding, support and community to really go deep together.


    It includes:

    - tuition for 4 lifechanging long weekend workshops.*.

    - access to video recordings of the weekends

    - 6 live group q&a and coaching calls between May 2020 and February 2021

    - access to a monitored facebook group where you can connect and ask anything

    - a beautiful graduation ceremony and celebration

    - after graduation membership of an alumni group with yearly events, meetings and discounted rates for sessions, workshops and events.

    - Four 30 minute skype calls with one of Padma’s team for individual support, coaching, healing or mentoring (to be taken as an when needed). Further sessions available at a discount.


    Course times:

    Fridays at 2pm-6pm, Saturdays: 11am-6pm, Sunday: 10am-4pm



    This incredible, comprehensive program is priced at £3000. Flights, transfers, food and accomodation costs are not included and are payable directly to the venue/ provider.


    Selected graduates of the gold program are eligible to continue their training, if desired, as a professional tantric surrogate partner with Padma Deva. You also receive access to preferential rates for coaching and sessions with Padma directly.


    * Should you be unable to attend a weekend, recordings will be offered to you as well as a one-on-one talk with Padma Deva or team to make sure you are fully caught up with the material.

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    Diamond Program (VIP)

    Our VIP program for women who are seeking mastery in birthing their men, wish for additional support for maximum results or are seriously considering birthing men for a living.

    If you are ready to Invest into the future of wonderful relationships with yourself and the men in your lives, then our diamond program is the most comprehensive and powerful of our options, offering you the most potent, transformative and bespoke training with us. You will receive more than an extra day’s training for each module as well as participation in a bespoke 12 month mastermind with Padma Deva.


    It includes:

    - tuition for 4 extended, lifechanging long weekend modules.*.

    - 9 month VIP mastermind with Padma Deva (In person meetings around training weekends, otherwise via conference call)

    - 6 live group q&a and coaching calls between May 2020 and February 2021

    - Four 60 minute skype or in person sessions with Padma Deva for individual support, coaching, healing or mentoring (to be taken as an when needed). Further sessions available at a discounted rate

    - access to a monitored facebook group where you can connect and ask anything

    - a beautiful graduation ceremony and celebration

    - after graduation membership of an alumni group with yearly events, meetings and discounted rates for sessions, workshops and events.

    - access to recordings of the weekends and calls

    - a priceless supportive community of super committed women who are going for it at the highest level.


    Course times:

    Thursday: optional social evening dinner VIP only

    Fridays: 10am-2pm VIP Only, 2-6pm whole group

    Saturdays: 10am-11am VIP only, 11am-6pm whole group.

    Sunday: 10am-4pm whole group, 5pm-8:30pm VIP only,

    Monday: optional for in person sessions with Padma and/or sacred site visit VIP


    Members of the diamond program are invited to attend extra time before, during and after each module in a small group with high levels of individual attention and support. During this extra time, Padma will share additional, related and very powerful processes, which will help you to go deeper and expand your skills and knowledge much faster, putting you into a prime state to learn, unfold and grow.

    Being part of this elite group means being taken under Padma’s wing, with her full commitment to support you whenever you get stuck so you can continue to move forward to where you want to be.


    All of your four included sessions will be with Padma Deva herself (in person or via skype) and you have the option to book additional sessions at a greatly reduced price. You will have access to a special VIP mastermind monthly group call or meeting (in addition to the regular Q&A call) with Padma and the other members of the diamond program, allowing you to connect with others committed at the highest level, giving you much more personalised attention in a small group to apply your new knowledge to your life and relationships.


    You will also receive first choice of any residential accommodation options if available at the venue for maximum convenience.


    All graduates of the diamond program are eligible, if desired, to continue their training as a professional tantric surrogate partner with Padma Deva.



    This premium, super supportive program is priced at £5000.

    Flights, transfers, food and accomodation costs are not included and are payable directly to the venue/ provider.


    Payment options and installments are available by arrangement. If interested in the gold or diamond program please contact Padma to arrange an informal discussion about your application for the program. The silver program can be booked by anyone without the need to speak to Padma first.


    Dates and Locations 2020 (exact venues and dates tbc):

    Spring 2020 - May 22-24th 2020 near Glastonbury

    Summer 2020 - June 26–28 2020 Glastonbury, UK

    Autumn 2020 - 18-20 September 2020 near Glastonbury

    Winter 2020 - 27-29th November 2020 Glastonbury or Egypt (group decides)


  • Your team of goddesses

    Always on your side, encouraging you to shine brightly...

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    Padma Deva

    Creatress of Tantric Surrogate Therapy and the “Birthing your man” process

    Padma Deva is one of the world's leading experts on conscious relationships, sexual healing and tantra. Having worked as a tantric surrogate for almost fifteen years, literally birthing men for a living into their potency and shining, you could not wish for a more experienced trainer and ally on your journey.


    Padma's amazing clarity, humour, intuition and loving presence coupled with her vast personal and professional experience in intimate relationships of many kinds, allows her to impart relevant knowledge in a fun, accessisible and practical way.


    Padma Deva is a Gestalt Psychotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, Master Healer and Shaman, weaving many modalities together seamlessly to create the greatest impact in the shortest period of time possible.


    For Padma intimate relationships are not only the main focus of her studies and work, but have become the main vehicle of her personal and spiritual growth and development. She is an eternally curious explorer, continuously stretching for the more, sometimes in unusual places. Padma has experienced and learned from various forms of conscious relationships. She is committed to teaching men and women how to bring out the best in each other, experience true happiness through aligning with pleasure and create fulfilling, conscious and growthful relationships that work.


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    Various assistants

    A wonderful team of assistants

    Depending on the group size and make up, Padma invites members of her experienced tantric surrogate team as assistants and/or experienced guest teachers in complementary modalities.


    Bringing out the best in the men we engage with is one of the most crucial aspects of being a surrogate. Each woman does this somewhat differently, true to her own unique essence. Being able to witness some different styles and transmissions can be invaluable in helping you to find your own authentic style of birthing the god in your man.



    If you are ready to become part of the solution, then contact us for a free informal chat about joining us. We ll also add you to our mailing list, giving you access to regular free webinars and videos.